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26 inch 36v 48v 250w 350w 500w 1000w electric bike kit
bafang hub motor 2x18650 battery pack 

26 inch 36V 250w Fat Electric bike conversion kit list:

1.26 inch rear wheel with 36v 250w motor

2.36v controller with controller box

3.Aluminum alloy brake

4.1:1 pedal assistant  

5.Twist Intelligent Speed Control

6.LCD Display

7.AC100V-240V,42V 2A

Top of the line 250 watt  fat electric bike kit with a focus on acceleration and low end torque for climbing

Unique center-spoked design for improved comfort and wheel durability, narrow casing accommodates a larger cassette for wide range of pedaling gears

Larger visual footprint with wide diameter, experiences some cogging due to direct-drive setup, increased unsprung weight

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